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The industry and the healthcare professionals attach great importance to transparency in all of their dealings. Such relationships are already regulated by legislation and by different codes of ethics, but in the interest of greater transparency concerning their interaction, a joint, central transparency platform, accessible to the public has been developed by the industry in close collaboration with several associations from the healthcare sector.The platform is a new, autoregulation initiative in the healthcare sector. Its aim is to encourage and ensure transparent relations between the industry and the healthcare professionals and organisations. in fact lists, in a very clear and simple way, remunerations (more precisely, « transfers of value ») between the industry and the healthcare professionals and organisations, in the interest of the patient.Companies affiliated to the platform will henceforth publish the transfers of value they make to the benefit of organisations or professionals in the healthcare sector. In this way, you are in a position to verify which financial transactions were carried out between your healthcare organisation or professional and companies.For more information please visit :

 Transparency per year 

  • Luxembourg 2017 : no transfers of value between Biocodex and the healthcare professionals and organisations

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