Our vision

Human diversity contributes to the prosperity of the company

Human knowledge and know-how is an indispensable asset which, in the long term, enables us to respond to the demands of the expanding healthcare market.

This is why Biocodex puts as its priority the development of its human resources. We continually seek to grow our organization through the recruitment of employees who are creative, motivated and open minded. Biocodex prides itself on the development of their employees and quality of life brought to these employees because of its dedication to creating an inspired, challenging and humanistic workplace.

Shared ambitions

We want to pool our talents with yours in order to share new ambitions together and to innovate in the fields of industry and science, with passion and conviction.

HR in practice

At Biocodex we listen to our employees

We take great pride in the quality and intensity of our recruiting to make sure that the skills and experience required for each position is filled with the perfect match for both the company and the future employee. 

We aim to surround ourselves with employees who share the essential values and culture of our group. We listen and encourage dialogue to enable realistic objective settings, leading to greater productivity and a more fulfilled workforce.

To optimize your career and assure continued job-specific development that match the needs of both the company and the employee, we also attach great importance to continued professional training. The diversity of jobs within the pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of experience and professional skills.  Our specialized training courses are focused on covering these career skills.

Equal Opportunity

Biocodex has a long-term history of diversity within the workforce.  

We support and seek diversity in the knowledge that this approach is a source of wealth for a company.

All candidates interviewed are selected based on their professional experience and skills to their origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, etc. 

Depending on the position to be filled, we do not hesitate to recruit graduates and seniors,  providing them with the opportunity to integrate our business, develop their skills and bring their expertise.

Career opportunities

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have passion and are committed.  We are actively seeking great talent to join us in our journey to provide superior healthcare to patients for decades to come. 

Please find below job opportunities available in the Biocodex worldwide network.